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We Are Still Operating As Usual!


Just to let you all know that we are still up and running as usual, we're taking this Covid-19 seriously and we will do anything to prevent it from spreading, here are a few ways you can help us out when we come out to you...

* Place keys in the door lock / ignition or seats ect

* Please keep your 2 meter or more distance away from us whilst we carry out the job

* If you are paying Cash then please leave the cash in the vehicle or in envelope

* You can pay on card or bank transfer also so please bare this in mind

* No customers in our van policy is in place for obvious reasons

* If its a recovery please arrange other transport for yourself and passengers

We as a company will do what it takes to prevent the spread of this horrible virus, we will also be using anti-bacterial sprays on parts of your vehicle what we will need to touch to carry out the job i.e: Steering wheel / Gear knob / Brake lever / Handles ect...

Please respect our policy at this time as its in place to protect us all, this will be relaxed when we think it is suitable to do so and to stay within government guidelines...

Thanks very much for all the continued support from new and old customers we really appreciate it and we are happy to carry on serving all of you.

Stay safe and do your bit

Kris @ CR&R 24hr


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