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Updated: Apr 5

Vehicle Spare Wheel Change Liverpool

This customer had a flat tyre on her Nissan Micra and she needed her spare wheel changing over so she could carry on with her work until she can get a new tyre for her original wheel...

We was out in a flash to this customer in Kirkby and the whole fit was done in around 5 minutes, The customer paid on Card also as she had no cash on her.

Spare wheel changing can be very dangerous especially if you are on the motorway on the hard shoulder and its the drivers side (side closest to traffic in lane 1), So please if you are going to attempt to do this yourself make sure you have a high viz and pull your car over to the left as much as possible and then keep an eye out for traffic, If it means taking a lot longer than usual then so be it, Sometime when we change spare wheels on the motorway it can take 30 minutes due to waiting for a gap so its safe to go jack car up then come back, Then wait for another gap then take studs off ect...

If you don't want to take the risk then don't hesitate to contact us on: 07477167363

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