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Keep Your Distance (Covid-19)

Updated: Apr 5

We are OPEN as usual but please respect our new measures:

* Please keep a minimum of 2 meters away from us whilst we carry out our job (Leave keys in ignition and step away from vehicle and we will do the rest)

* If broken down on the motorway this would be classed as an emergency breakdown, We would prefer for you to make other arrangements to get home, But if absolute necessary we can work something out.

* Please if you have been in contact with anyone with this virus or you are showing signs of having it yourself please be aware that we can not take the risk and we will not be able to take the booking.

* We may turn up in a mask and gloves ect don't be alarmed this is just to protect ourselves. (we may also spray your car keys / seats / steering wheel and other parts we may need to touch with anti-bacterial spray)

* Please take this seriously as this is a virus not to be messed with *

Thanks for understanding but we will do anything to keep us and our customers safe at this sad time that we are all facing together...

Thanks again.

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