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Covid-19 Infection Prevention & Control

Updated: Apr 5


Hello to everyone...

We are open 24/7 as usual but we have to take certain Measures!

As you are all aware of this horrible Corona Virus, We take things very very serious to prevent further spreading, We will be asking all our customers a set few questions that will need to be answered seriously for the safety of our customers and the safety of us...

We may turn up in a Face Mask / Gloves ect and we will ask to keep a 2 meter distance away from us so we can carry out our job safely, We will take every precaution possible to prevent infection!

We all have to come together as 1 and fight this all the way by looking after your hygiene washing your hands regularly and keeping your distance from others and please stay in your home unless absolutely necessary...

Please understand that if any of our customers have this virus or have come into contact with anyone with this virus or symptoms we will not be able to carry out any of our services due to obvious reasons...

Thanks for reading and i hope everyone understands and takes this very serious.

Please stay safe at this horrible time

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