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Updated: Apr 5

Classic Car Transport

This if you didn't already know is a monster of a classic car, 1986 Ford Capri 2.8 Injection...

This was one of our customers, Who had fully restored it back to its former glory if not better in my opinion (flawless), Its took him and his wife years for this particular day to come (couple of wees ago). This was transported from customers home address to a nearby garage for the last piece of the puzzle to be fitted which was a fully rebuilt restored gearbox...

The customers was very very pleased that they came across us to transport their pride and joy as we took great care of the car as we do with all our customers cars.

i can only imagine that the customers are now driving around in this amazing restored classic Ford Capri with massive smiles on their faces and rightly so, They deserve every moment making great memories in this vehicle and what a machine it is, Definitely an eye catcher.

good look to my customers and i hope you enjoy

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