Has your 4X4 broken down?

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Don't worry your in safe hands with us, here at CR&R 24hr we pride ourselves in customer safety & satisfaction, we aim to get out to you within the hour & we can also send you our live location so you can keep a track on us...

Here are a few ways how to keep safe whilst waiting for recovery especially on the motorway:

+ When your vehicle breaks down try and coast to a safe place whether that being the hard shoulder of the motorway or a layby just so you can stay as far away from traffic as possible.

+ Get out of the vehicle when you have reached the safe place and move away, don't stand in front or behind the vehicle as this will put you in a vulnerable position.

+ Keep as warm & dry as you can in terrible weather conditions and try find shelter (under a tree or bridge ect) 

I hope this helps in these uncertain times of a breakdown, here are a few of our vehicle breakdown recovery's that we have done in the past... 

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